Everyone wants to improve their listing and advertising efforts on the Internet. Here are a few ideas to improve your listings and even your web site on the internet and get higher in the search engines:

- Add 10 images in your profile. All images get submitted to the search engines.
- Change image titles to use keywords as images get sent to google and google uses images with keywords… for example… an image called Best_Weed_Denver_1 as image… 1,2.3 etc. - When someone searches for Best Weed in Denver, your images show up.
- Make the Title of your listing Best Weed in Denver as “Best Weed in Denver” may be a top keyword in the search engines. Stay away from weird characters like you see in craigslist. 
- Make description keyword rich using title (Best Weed in Denver) + other keywords as the entire description goes to google so make it look like a web page. In fact, your listing IS a web page so use it as such.
- Expand on your listing using keywords and phrases taken from your current website. Perform SEO analysis on your current website… we can do this at a nominal charge.
- Share OUR site AND your listing on your current social media… facebook, twitter, pinterest, instagram, etc.
- Post your listing to your social media regularly.
- Add your website link to your listing. .. use http:// in your link. This links us to you.  Create a link page on your site and add us.
- Add your listing with us to your website to cross link your information.
- Your listing is submitted to our social sites, twitter, pinterest, and linkedin so make it look like a REAL post.
- Geotag images to improve the search engine ranking for location-specific websites and businesses. See https://www.geoimgr.com/

All of the above would maximize your exposure in the internet and search engines.

As a web agency, www.10mb.com, we can provide assistance with all aspects of web design, hosting and SEO marketing.

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