AUTOMATIC HOSE GUIDE: The Guide can help the hose Orderly tangling when you want to withdrawn it. 180掳 SWIVEL BRACKET: Our hose reel is so flexible, it will follow you and not stiff when you are using it at different angles.
GOOD QUATITY HOSE: Our 5/8 in. x 60 ft hose is made of PVC. With 5FT leading hose. REPLACEABLE-hose Function: The function is designed to adapt in an instant, matching your needs or lifestyle. You can choose diverse hose types and colors as you like. Please flow the instructions as replacing hose.
To provide creative and effective solutions for all your reeling needs.
Include PVC hose, no need for extra buying. Saving your money
Easy to use, when you use one hand to hold a hand to shrink the water pipe, it will be easier to use.
Available in a variety of styles, contemporary design to suit any space, keeps hose neat and tidy.
1. Hose is not included?
2. Does the leader hose connect to the spicket?
Yes the leader hose connects to the spicket;China Hose Reels manufacturers